Systems & components operating under pressure require pressure testing to ensure their safety & fitness for purpose. Sovereign Pressure Products offers a range of systems & services to clients from low pressure, through medium, high & ultra high pressures.

Pressure Testing Systems

Our systems are based around our own proven range of high pressure pumps, pressure intensifiers, valves & components, ensuring highest levels of reliability & product support.

Hydrostatic Pressure Testing

In addition to standard pressure testing of components & equipment by means of applying an internal test pressure it is often a requirement for items working in a pressurised environment (i.e. sub sea) that they are subjected to a external hydrostatic pressure test inside a pressure vessel.

Features & benefits of our Hydrostatic pressure testing:

  • Pressure capability to 1400 MPa (200,000 psi, 14000 bar)
  • Manually controlled systems
  • Fully automated systems
  • Precise control
  • Full instrumentation & data logging
  • Strain measurement systems
  • Temperature control
  • Full Service Support