Systems and Consultancy

Sovereign Pressure Products Ltd specialise in the design, manufacture, supply and support of Isostatic Pressing Systems, High Pressure Testing and High Pressure Components.

STANSTED Isostatic Pressing Systems

Sovereign Pressure Products Ltd design, manufacture supply, and support, isostatic pressing systems for laboratory, pilot and production applications including - CIP, DIP, WIP and HIP.

STANSTED High Pressure Components

High pressure ranges up to 1400 MPa – 200000 psi – 14000 bar. Valves, Pumps, Pressure Vessels, Tubes & Fittings.

STANSTED High Pressure Testing

A range of systems & services to clients from low pressure, through medium, high & ultra high pressures. In addition to supplying pressure test systems, we also offer pressure testing as a subcontract service in our purpose built in-house facility as well as on site testing, where appropriate.